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When I started the Blender 3D Architect website ten years ago, I didn’t have many expectations about the project other than using a server space to write about something that I genuinely enjoy. It was back in 2008 that I started writing for Blender 3D Architect and never thought it would last that long.

Of course, you will find gaps in time where I couldn’t find time to write or update the site, but I always kept it alive and running.

A fun fact about Blender 3D Architect is that I was running the site using the same server from 10 years ago. If I wanted to keep growing, I had to move forward. If you are a regular reader, you probably tried to open an article or page in recent months and found a blank page or an extremely slow site.

That was my old shared hosting way of telling me that I was using way too many resources.

Ever since yesterday that won't be a problem anymore! We are now on a managed hosting service instead of a shared hosting. What is the difference? The main difference is on both performance and availability. We have dedicated CPU and Memory to keep us running smoothly and growing.

After the move to the new server, I was looking at the live stats and our current uses less than 20% of the new server power. We have plenty of room to grow!

What are my plans for Blender 3D Architect? My goal is to give you all the necessary resources to do your job fasters, better, and using all potential of Blender and technology with a focus on architecture.

I'm also an architect, and I know the benefits of using technology in our line of work. You will save time, produce more, and make more money from your designs using the right tools.

Enjoy a faster Blender 3D Architect! I hope you notice the improved performance.

You can expect some more updates, resources, and features in the coming weeks.

Let me ask you. Did you notice any changes?

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  • Ilya

    I just noticed that your daily letters are gone.
    And I’m happy that you come back!
    Thank you and Good luck, Man!
    You doing great job!

  • luiserossa

    A seguir creciendo!! Exitos

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