August 2017 summary – Premium subscribers

The premium subscriptions from Blender 3D Architect offer you a chance to improve your library of assets for architectural visualization. We share 3D models(in blend format), full projects, textures and downloadable tutorials with premium subscribers.

They receive all content straight to their inboxes. Once you receive the content, you have a few days to download the files. But, what if you miss the deadline?

In that case, you can always use the summary of links sent by the end of each month. Today (09/06/2017) we will send to all premium subscribers the links with a summary of resources from last month. They will have the opportunity to download everything once again.

Here is the list of content that premium subscribers received in August:

  1. Scandinavian room in Blender (ZIP – 135.63 MB)
  2. Lamps pack for Blender (ZIP – 44.53 MB)
  3. Quick guide to visibility controls for HDR maps in Cycles (PDF/ZIP – 4.45 MB)
  4. Wine modern table pack (ZIP – 134.68 MB)
  5. Hardware shelf pack (ZIP – 58.98 MB)
  6. Quick guide on how to import CAD files to Blender (PDF/ZIP – 0.9 MB)
  7. Industrial Loft Interior model (ZIP – 126.27 MB)
  8. Bedroom project and furniture (ZIP – 97.62 MB)
  9. Guide about depth of field for architectural renders (PDF/ZIP – 3.66 MB)
  10. Kitchen project in Blender (ZIP – 102.79 MB)
  11. Chapel project with furniture (ZIP – 91.64 MB)
  12. Quick guide about snapping for precision modeling (PDF/ZIP – 0.21 MB)
  13. Indoor Swimming Pool Scene (ZIP – 21.54 MB)
  14. Bed Furniture pack (ZIP – 79.62 MB)

That is a lot of content! And the amount of exclusive content we are producing for premium subscribers is growing. Now, they are also receiving downloadable articles on Mondays. Almost every day of the week!

How to get those files? Simple, you have to become a premium subscriber. And today is a great day to enroll because everyone on the list will receive the summary. By subscribing today (09/06/2017), you receive all content from last month and the new assets from September.

Here are the available plans:

You have until the end of the day (GMT -03:00) to subscribe and also receive the summary from August.

If you are already a premium subscriber, thank you for your support.

As a side note, we are working on a system to give access to all previous assets we sent to premium subscribers. That way you can always go back and get the files in case you need a particular resource.

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