Motion trail: Changing the timing of animation at the 3D View

If your project deals with the production of animation for architecture, at some point you will have to make adjustments to the timing and overall placement of keyframes. The common place to do that is at the dope sheet of in the Graph Editor. But, with a new add-on developed by Bart Crouch, we will be able to edit the placement of keyframes, and the timing of an animation directly at the 3D View.

The Add-on is called Motion Trail and it is still a proof of concept, and only by now it only works with a patched version of Blender 2.5, using the latest builds. You can find more about motion trail for Blender 2.5 at this thread at the Blenderartists foruns. The video below shows how Motion Trail works:

Motion trail – proof of concept from Bart Crouch on Vimeo.

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  • Jarl Arntzen

    Excellent stuff! This should be useful for anyone, from beginner to professional.

    Thank you, Bart!

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