BlenderBIM updates and new features: Version v0.0.201025

A significant amount of people think about Blender as a 3D modeler and platform to render realistic images to visualize your designs. It can help a lot in this regard, but that is only part of its role in architecture. With Add-pons like BlenderBIM, you can expand Blender and include authoring and document BIM data. That opens a world of possibilities for Blender to have a full open-source workflow.

When using the BlenderBIM Add-on, you can create IFC files in compliance with ISO standards. The BlenderBIM Add-on received an update a couple of days ago, and it is now in version v0.0.201025.

Here is a list of the new features and bug fixes:

  • Exporting now sets the IFC file if unset for convenience
  • IFC CSV now supports modifying IFC classes
  • You can now set facet tolerances when importing
  • Experimental native roundtripping mode, for experimentation only, with style support
  • Visit wiki link in the add-on now points to specific BlenderBIM Add-on pages
  • Material property sets are now imported
  • IFCClash now optimistically skips coincident collisions, resulting in less false positives
  • Increased maximum contact threshold for IFC Clash allows clash detection to work for larger projects
  • IFC clash now uses iterator when a filter is specified for faster clashing
  • Auto-add owner histories when the user exports IFC2X3 if none is specified
  • Classification trees are now stored in the Blend file, increasing the portability of project data
  • 16 New IFC visual programming nodes for Sverchok, including:
    • Read IFC node
    • Create IFC node
    • Write IFC node
    • Create Entity node
    • By ID node
    • By Guid node
    • By Type node
    • By Query node
    • Select Blender Objects node
    • Create Shape node
    • IFC Add node
    • IFC Remove node
    • Generate IFC Guide node
    • Read entity node
    • Get property node
    • Get attribute node

Here are the bug fixes:

  • Fix bug where spatial elements with a representation would import twice
  • Fix bug where box representations don’t respect project units
  • Fix IFC clash bug where spatial elements are unaffected by user filters
  • Fix bug where you can’t export if classification is only applied to a type or spatial element
  • Fix export bug where you can’t export if project units aren’t explicitly set

Among the highlights, we have new nodes to integrate BlenderBIM with the incredible Svershock Add-on!

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