How do you use polar coordinates in Blender?

Anyone who starts learning about CAD drawing eventually will get in touch with the coordinate system of those softwares. They are a powerful and reliable way to control lengths and distances. You can specify a point in space using values for X and Y for a 2D design and eventually include a Z location. One […]

FreeCAD accepted in GSoC 2024

A great way to boost any open-source project is to apply to the Google Summer of Code and receive financial support to get a developer to work on your project during the summer (North Hemisphere). In the past, we had many great tools and features of Blender developed as part of the Google Summer of […]

Free electrical symbols for CAD in SVG format

If you decide to move your workflow to use open standards only in architecture and design, you should get ready to utilize many SVG files. They are small text-based files representing high-quality vector drawings. One of the best SVG editors is Inkscape, which is free and open-source, as many other tools architects, engineers, and designers […]

Benefits of importing SKP files to Blender 4.0

Many artists and professionals try to migrate or integrate their workflow into Blender due to the open nature of the software. Among those professionals, we find many people currently using SketchUp, trying to integrate or migrate their designs to Blender. The robust availability of two renderers is a significant factor in migrating your projects to […]

FreeCAD Small parametric home example file

One effective method to learn new software is by analyzing examples of its capabilities and attempting to reverse engineer the processes involved. This approach is particularly useful in the early stages of learning and can be applied to various tools, including FreeCAD and BlenderBIM. For those interested in exploring FreeCAD, a powerful parametric modeler useful […]

How to Import SketchUp 2023 (SKP) Files into Blender 4.0?

Using Blender to create architectural models is an excellent way to develop marketing materials for a project, utilizing Cycles as the rendering engine. A common workflow involves starting the modeling process in Blender and managing renders with Cycles. But what if you want to integrate 3D data from other tools into Blender? Thankfully, Blender supports […]

18 Free Roof Textures with Displacement Maps

A smart approach to creating complex surfaces like roofs is through the use of textures. This allows you to focus on creating a basic shape and adding fine details with displacement maps. In architectural rendering, utilizing textures wherever possible is key for saving time and streamlining production. The challenge often lies in finding textures that […]

IFC 4.3 Final Standard: Approved and Available

One of the most significant standards for anyone using BIM with open-source software has received a highly anticipated update. The new IFC 4.3, which has been under development for some time, is now officially released. This means it can be utilized in production projects. To review the standard, here is the complete release. A key […]

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