Free wood tables for architecture

An artist named Brandon is offering a total of five wood tables that might fit an architectural visualization project, using Gumroad to distribute the files. For those unfamiliar with their system, some artists allow you to get their content for free. All you have to do is choose the value you wish to give the artist. The value starts with zero dollars to get them free.

One of the highlights of that particular collection is the number of textures available with the files. The models have UV maps and texture-baked files. In a certain way, you can use both the 3d models and textures on architectural visualization projects.

If you like the material and will get it into commercial projects, I suggest you make a contribution before the download. It will become an excellent addition to your furniture library.

Free wood tables for architecture

Even for people that don't use Blender as their primary tool for visualization. Since it is quite easy to export from Blender to OBJ, you can take those files to several other applications.

When you get to the Gumroad download page, you will be able to preview all five wood tables before the download. All files combined have about 93 MB in size.

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