Free sofa set for Blender

An excellent furniture asset for architectural usually shows not only a single 3d model, but a pack that you can add to a scene and quickly populate large areas.

That is the case for a free furniture set that you can download today!

A design company from Vietnam called Lib Team posted on their Behance page a sofa set that might be useful for your asset library. The sofa has a high level of detail also featuring decoration objects like a coffee table, vases and throw pillows.

The set can save you a lot of time in a livingroom visualization project, creating the proper context for residential space.

Free sofa set for Blender

In the description, you will see that all models came from 3ds Max. Can we use it in Blender? Luckily for us, they also included a binary FBX file. Using that FBX file, you can import the model directly to Blender.

Here we have a screenshot of the model in Blender:

Free sofa set for Blender

To download the file, you have to visit the Behance page and look for the last link in the description. Beware that the first links are just references for each of the furniture objects they use in the set. Only the last link.

Since the file is a shared link from the studio Google Drive, I recommend you to download the file as fast as possible. They could remove the content at any time.

What about the license?

At the page, you will see the usual license information related to the content of all images. Unfortunately, there is no information or details about the 3d models and textures accompanying the sofa set.

If you have plans to use that model in a commercial project, I recommend you to get in contact with the authors to either ask permission or to clarify the allowed uses.

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