Free knobs and handles for 3D furniture

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

When you have to work in a project that requires a custom furniture model, you will spend some time building the structure and add all kinds of details to the object. A lot of furniture objects will require knobs and handles, like kitchen cabinets or a wardrobe.

Have you ever tried to model such details? It can take some precious time from the project development making such small objects, which sometimes won't even appear in your render.

Do you want to download some free knobs and handles for 3d furniture?

An artist called MIBS posted on his Behance account a small collection of such objects based on a catalog from IKEA Malaysia.

You will find the download link in the Behance link, which is a Google Drive share. There are three versions of the same collection for 3ds max and also an FBX file.

To use the files in Blender, you will have to download the FBX version.

Unfortunately, there is no information about licensing of the models, and if you have plans to use them in a commercial project, I recommend sending a message to the author.

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