Free download of kitchen cabinets

What is the most challenging scene to produce in architectural visualization? The answers and arguments would make any attempt to point a single scene as the most challenging an endless debate. But, from my experience I can point that the interior visualization of a kitchen is for me one of the most challenging. The reason for that relies on the fact that a realistic kitchen has lot of small objects and scattered over surfaces and tables. Without a good furniture library this is the kind of project that will most certainly require a lot of modeling work.

To speed things up, my suggestion would be to start a good furniture library and create a section there only for kitchen objects. If you want to get started now, I recommend you to check out this nice collection of kitchen cabinets from BlendSwap. The models are free to download, and you only have to mention the author of the models to use them on commercial projects.

Free download of kitchen cabinets

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  • Fabio

    sorry for the spam but in this case maybe useful,
    check my website and register to download a part of a professional kitchen library, a real one from italian kitchen brands,

  • MusaHIZ

    i like

  • Kyrie

    I really like. Thanks

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