Free beds and lamps for architecture

A small collection of free beds and lamps shared by an artist called Kaan Kilicay. The collection has two beds and some lamps that will work great on any architectural visualization project. One of the beds is a simple wood bed and the second has a design found at IKEA. Like I said, it is a small collection but one that will add to your personal furniture library.

And the lamps will be helpful to add context to any interior scene!

All models available there works fine with Blender, but you have to pick OBJ files to make it work without any problems. How is it possible to create realistically sheets for beds like those? In Blender, we can always use the powerful cloth simulation system, and get things done quickly.

Free beds and lamps

From what I could find in the description of the models and from the artist portfolio, he uses a software called Marvelous Designer. A lot of architectural visualization artists uses this tool to create clothing and all sorts of fabrics for their scenes.

Does it worth using in architecture? If you are just trying to create sheets and curtains, a system like the cloth tools in Blender will work just fine.

Despite the simplicity, you should definitely download the free beds and lamps.

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