Learn how to use transform strips in Blender sequence editor

One of the features of Blender that is not directly related to 3d modeling, rendering or animation that impress most people in my classes is the video sequence editor. A lot of people, specially those users from 3ds Max, Maya and other softwares are used to work with a non-linear editor to edit their animations, like Adobe Premiere. When I mention that Blender has his own internal video editor they simply love it!

For those of you that never had the opportunity to use the video sequence editor, I found a great tutorial that shows how to use transform strips in the sequence editor. This might give you a good starting point to use the video sequence editor in Blender. This tutorial was created by David Mcsween.

Blender 3D Architect Pro


  • Marcus

    this is actually not about transforming like I think but about After Effects-like-adjustment layers and using HD proxies for smoother playback.

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