Free download of the turning torso building modeled with Blender

Blender 2.8: The beginner's guide

Last week I just pointed to an interesting download of a classic architecture project that might be used to study 3d modeling and lighting. Well, I found another of those models at Blend Swap and now it is the turning torso from Santiago Calatrava, which is by the way one of my favorite architects. You can download the turning torso modeled with Blender from Blend Swap here. This project is quite interesting to be used as a modeling exercise because of his unique shape. You can`t simple use an array to create the building, and this makes the process of modeling the turning torso a nice exercise.

Do you want to get a clue on how to model this building? Just download the model from Blend Swap and you will find out.


Blender 2.8 for architecture


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