Edge Tools: CAD like Add-on for Blender 2.5

Blender 2.9: The beginner's guide

The use of CAD like tools in Blender has always been a request from most users that choose Blender as their main tool to create architectural models. In tools like SketchUp and even AutoCAD, we have several Add-ons that help us to use CAD like tools in Blender, and this morning I just remembered one that I found back in December, and never pointed out here. There is an Add-on for Blender 2.5 called Edge Tools that enable Blender to deal with edges of polygons, just like we do in CAD.

If you want to take a look on how to use the Add-on, the video below shows a nice demo of the tool, where we can work basically with three types of operations for edges:

  • Intersection
  • Extension

To use the script, just press the W key with two edges selected.

Architectural glass shader


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