CanTree: Free online tree generator

I was reading the last edition of the BlenderArt magazine, number 32, and there I found an interesting resource for architectural visualization artists using Blender. There is an online tree generator called CanTree that you help you on the task of making 2d textures of trees for your project. The online editor is pretty simple to use, with a lot of parameters to setup how the tree will look like, and then we can generate an image of the tree. All images will be already saved as a png file with a transparent background, which make the file great to use as a texture.

If you didn`t read the latest edition of BlenderArt, I recommend you to read it! There are some great articles about tree modeling with Blender.


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  • Brian L.

    Yes, I saw this in BlenderArt Magazine, too. I fooled around with it. It’s pretty handy. Reminds me a bit of Arbaro, and I’ll like to see further developments on CanTree. (I also wish Arbaro itself was being continued in development with more features, and ported for the Blender internal renderer, LuxRender or YafaRay instead of POV-Ray.) Anyways, I hope a lot more people continue to use CanTree, and encourage further development, because I think the program it pretty neat, and has even greater potential with encouraged development.

  • filip

    So, this is a MakeHuman for trees.
    And there do also exist scripts for creating many houses (=city).
    Many programs for making kitchens.
    There must be more creators out there.

  • Spiren Jean

    Excuse-me but the link to CanTree is corrupted. it’s a php file and nothing is displayed?????

  • Allan Brito

    I believe they might be down for some reason. Just wait a bit, and try again later.

  • Larry Phillips

    Site blocks Internet Explorer because they don’t like it.

    That’s a brilliant way to turn off potiential users before they even get to see the app.

    I don’t have to install FF to enter the site, it’s just a click away. (Yawn) but nah, I think I’ll pass. It’s probably not worth the effort. Probably a waste of time.

    Great marketing technique this is. Thanks.

  • Kylia

    Short, sweet, to the point, FREE—exactly as ifnrmaotion should be!

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