BlenderBIM accepted in GSoC 2024

BlenderBIM accepted in GSoC 2024

For numerous open-source projects relying on volunteer efforts and having limited funds for hiring full-time developers, participating in Google Summer of Code offers an incredible opportunity. It enables these projects to gain corporate backing for developing new features or enhancing existing software, a boon for many tools and applications in architecture, engineering, and design.

Recently, we announced FreeCAD’s acceptance into GSoC 2024. Building on this, we’re excited to reveal that BlenderBIM will also participate in the program.

For a list of potential projects, visit this link.

Key Highlights: The list reveals strong interest in three primary projects:

  • BlenderBIM’s integration with Radiance for light simulation
  • Development of a web-based UI for BlenderBIM in Blender
  • The creation of the IfcTester webapp

Generating ideas marks the initial step, necessitating applicants for feature development and the recruitment of mentors to oversee the process.

If you possess expertise in these areas and wish to contribute, the BlenderBIM team eagerly awaits your application.

Getting started with Blender for architecture

If you want to learn about Blender modeling tools for architecture and CAD, we have a lot of useful resources here in Blender 3D Architect. From complete guides to workshops:

From these resources, we have the Blender 4.0: Precise Modeling for Architecture covering PDT applied to architectural design.

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