Course of architectural visualization with Blender and Unreal

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The traditional ways to show architectural projects are evolving through the years and the most recent trend is the use of games technology to create high-quality interactive visualizations. From all options available on the market, all artists embrace the Unreal Engine as the most friendly and advanced tool to create an interactive architectural visualization presentation.

In the course of architectural visualization with Blender and Unreal, you will learn what it takes to model 3d architecture in Blender, and bring that to Unreal and create interactive 3d presentations.

At the course you will learn:

  • Unreal engine licensing for architectural visualization
  • How to prepare 3d models in Blender for Unreal
  • Getting materials and textures ready for Unreal
  • Unreal engine basics for architecture
  • Light and materials for architecture
  • Basic blueprints for scene interaction
  • Exporting and creating standalone applications

The full list of lessons.


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